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Why do we travel

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road in mahendragiri

Why do you travel? Do you travel only when you get commissioned work? This is one question i get asked often. Well here goes the answer.


I love to travel around the because that is what i enjoy, that is what drives me to go out and make compelling photos, that is what i dream of doing after waking up every day in the morning. I don’t need to travel only when i am on commission work or on assignment. Would i stop travelling, if i stop getting commissioned work? Absolutely not. I travel because i like travelling and let that be the “be all and end all”. I like it, if and when i am on assignment, and that helps, but that is always not the case. In a way the quote in my photograph i inserted explains a lot why all of us like travelling. We travel to get back with ourselves, to re-claim life. To move away from the networked world and just enjoy the sunset, along a beach. After all that is what life is all about, the simple life 🙂


I hope i got to give the answer as straight as possible. Share your thoughts on why do you travel? Where would you be heading to this weekend. Love to hear them from you. Have a happy weekend guys 🙂


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