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Unique places of Assam

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Unique places of Assam

Continuing from the last post that i did, i.e http://woveninlight.com/woven_light/odhisa-satkosia-mahendragiri/ i thought it would be a good idea to have another post on the lesser known or less visited places of India. My last post had gathered a fair amount of traction, and thus my decision to write a similar one. This one would be related to the unique places of Assam.

jatinga valley assam


This is no ordinary travel destination. Jatinga, a small village, in Dima Hasao district, located 330 k.m. south of Guwahati, is a must visit for any adventure seeker. It is a place of immense natural beauty as well as it witnesses a unique natural phenomenon, which is found in only this part of the world, birds committing suicide.
I had gone down to this place last year during the end of the monsoon season, and this area seems to come to life during this time. The lush green forests along with aplenty of natural wildlife gives Jatinga a special feel to it.

The foggy kiss

The morning sunrise with the fog and the different layers of the Borail range are a treat to our eyes. I was there for 6 long days on assignment, and even though i tried capturing the beauty of the sunrise from day 1 onwards it was only on day 4 that i got a shot which a actually loved. I especially love the fog kissing the hills.

Come see butterflies

If you ever wondered where you can see a bountiful of butterflies, then look no further. Jatinga is an adobe for these insects. During my stay i got to spot around 12-15 different kinds of them, and weren’t they wonderful to look at. Such abundance of color that, sometimes i used to put my camera down and just look at them, while they go about their business.
himalayan golden sapphireThis is a himalayan golden sapphire. It uses its tail as a camouflage technique.

butterfly jatinga assam
Apart from butterflies i also spotted a beautiful Indian garden lizard hidden inside a small bush.
indian garden lizard

Bird Watching Paradise

In jatinga, there are some locally migratory birds which can be seen. It is a birdwatchers paradise.
Indian Pita

spider jatingaDuring my stay at Jatinga, i met some lovely people, and i would definitely write a seperate blog post dedicated to them, and the culture of Jatinga.

Some important facts

1. It is best if one could visit this place during the end of the monsoons.
2. There is no hotels at Jatinga, it is best to find accommodations at the nearest town which is Halflong.
3. Be a wanderer and traveler and you would be mesmerized by the beauty of the unique place of Assam, Jatinga.

So the next time you think of a destination in Assam, ditch the ever popular Guwahati for once and make sure you visit this “heaven on earth”. For me Jatinga will always be a must visit place again in the coming years.

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Till next time, enjoy the monsoons 😀 😛

jatinga assam



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