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Unique places of Odisha-Top 5 reasons to visit Satkosia

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Road through Satkosia Wildlife Sanctuary

To go on a vacation and get rejuvenated is one thing but to travel and explore a place is a whole new experience. I have been to many a famous hill stations or sea beaches, but in my recent visit to some unexplored and uncharted places I have started loving these offbeat places much more than the so called famous ones. People who love to travel and explore should definitely go to these unknown and offbeat places of India. For me Odisha (Orissa), Bihar and Jharkhand has always been less explored territory. Recently, I have been visiting few of these places and have been loving it. Here are my top few reasons why one should explore and experience the rural and unexplored territories of Odisha ( Satkosia Wildlife Sanctuary).

Pristine beauty and Magical Nature
To see what nature has to appear in these places is simply breathtaking. I have shot many a sunset but this one till date is one of the best sunset photographs that I have taken.
odisha satkosia
Fabulous Roads
If you want to go to a roadtrip then I think Odisha is one of the best places to go. The roads over there are just fabulous. I have heard of the good road conditions of Gujrat, but I have never been there. But Odisha did not disappoint me one bit. I was there on a motorcycle trip and would love to go back there over and over again. The beauty of the landscape is second to none and one can never get bored even if he drives on for hours.

road in mahendragiriRoad through Satkosia Wildlife SanctuaryThe biggest gorge in Eastern India
The Satkosia Gorge is one of the largest gorge in this part of the country and how beautiful it is. Camping on the banks of Mahanadi, waking up to the chirping of birds and the sunbeam hitting the roof of the tent. You really have to be there to experience such a mystical feeling.
Satkosia Gorge Vertronama
Food in Authentic and Natural Utensils

To go to a place and not to have its authentic food is like going for a movie hall and not watching the movie. Food is always an integral part of any journey and having food in authentic utensil made of leaf was one of the most unique things that you will experience while your stay in rural Odisha.

Traditional Odisha Food in handmade utensits

Abundance of Wildlife
Satkosia Wildlife Sanctuary has many species of wildlife that can be seen so it’s a wildlife lover’s paradise.
Enjoy nature’s bounty and wilderness
Driving through the forest roads of Satkosia Wildlife Sanctuary you get to be one with Nature. Suddenly you take a stop park your vehicle aside, look at the never ending jungle and enjoy the wilderness that Nature has to offer. That is what Satkosia Wildlife Sanctuary and the lesser known parts of Odisha has to offer you.

Gharial in Satkosia Wildlife Sanctuary

Gharial in Satkosia Wildlife Sanctuary
If you liked this post do share it and help promote these places of Odisha which is not even explored properly. Odisha has a lot to offer and we as explorers should oblige and go and travel to these virgin places.

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