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Top 5 lesser known places to visit in Meghalaya

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Snonpedeng, Meghalaya, India, lesser known places of Meghalaya

I have always been a fan of visiting the lesser known parts of India rather than the popular touristy places. Being a travel & landscape photographer based out of Kolkata enhanced this urge for exploring the unknown even more. This knack of traveling to the unknown places first started when I first visited Reshi Khola, on the frontier of East Sikkim instead of the popular Silk Route. The beauty that lies in these small unknown places is something one needs to experience first hand and cannot be aptly justified by any photographs or videos. Furthering the quest to find the unknown beauty of India, led me to explore Meghalaya on my motorcycle and here are my top 5 lesser known places to visit in Meghalaya.

Meghalaya to me was a place which was shredded in mystery, the hills covered in greenery, the wettest place on earth, the root bridges and much more. The quest to discover a few of the unknown places led me to travel and lengths and breadths of the state to find myself awed, awestruck and taken aback.

Here is my list of 5 lesser known places which you must visit as a traveller if that is your thing.


Mawphanlur, Meghalaya, India - lesser known places in MeghalayaThis place comes in first for the sole reason that even the local people of Meghalaya are unaware of the beauty. A freshwater lake nestled on top of a mountain Mawphalnur offers a picturesque view of the surroundings.
Mawphanlur, Meghalaya, India, Lesser known places to visit in MeghalayaThis is a camper’s paradise as one can camp anywhere across the lake. Watching the sunrise from inside the lake is a must to staying at Mawphalnur. One can also enjoy boating in this freshwater lake or enjoy a stroll around the peak of the hill.


Snonpedeng, Meghalaya India, Lesser known places of MeghalayaIn the very recent times, Dawki has risen to fame because of the clear waters and how people can see the river bed from the boat or even from the shores. But very little is known about Snonpedeng, just 14kms upstream the same river minus the hustle and bustle of Dawki. What Kasol is to Manali, Snonpedeng is to Dawki. Pristine clean blue waters, camping at free will anywhere along the river bed and the gushing sound of the rapids to give you company throughout the night.
Snonpedeng, Meghalaya, India, lesser known places of MeghalayaIf you have just a few days in Meghalaya and would like to visit just to places Snonpedeng and Laitlum which is next in line should be the ones which would be a must visit.

Laitlum (Grand Canyon of Shillong)

The view from Laitlum Grand Canyon, Shillong, Meghalaya, Lesser known places to visit in MeghalayaIf experiencing stunning sunsets is your thing that Laitlum (pronounced Lait-Loom) is the place to be. After riding for around 40 km from the main city of Shillong on non–existant roads one will end up at Laitlum which gives you some breathtakingly beautiful views of the valley below. One can also camp at Laitlum but it is advisable not to do so as the wind picks up pretty bad along with rain post evening keeping the bonfire alight will be a big issue.
Heal yourself at the Laitlum Grand Canyon, Shillong, Meghalaya, lesser known places to visit in Meghalaya

Krang Suri

krang suri, meghalaya, lesser known places of meghalayaThose who see the beautiful waterfalls of Iceland and have to contain the wanderlust in you look no further. Krang Suri will come to your rescue. The turquoise colours of the waterfall are something I have never seen before. Going to the back side of the waterfall and seeing it fall in front of you is definitely something one should try out.

Rainbow waterfalls

IMG_9508-for-websiteWe have all heard of the famous living root bridge and have seen countless photographs of it. But little do people know of the Rainbow Waterfall which is a further 7 km trek from the root bridge where one can experience a rainbow whenever there is sunshine. One should definitely visit this spectacularly beautiful place if your legs permit that is 😉

I would really like to know what are your favourite places to visit in Meghalaya.
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