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Hi there folks, hope all are doing well. We folks in Kolkata (Calcutta) are starting to feel the heat now as winter after much reluctance is finally over and summer is slowly showing its sultry, sweaty side. With this change in the weather comes a thing which I have become fond of in recent years.

If any of you have been following me for some time now, you might very well know that I am a big cloud freak. My love for clouds developed after being inspired by a wonderful Kolkata based landscape photographer (Debarshi Duttagupta – www.cloudvision.com) and the wonderful team of Kolkata Cloud Chasers (www.kolkatacloudchasers.com). After following their stunning cloud photography I started paying closer attention to the different kind of cloud patterns, how cloud formations move and how each formation has a different story to tell. Truth be told, nowadays I get a big smile on my face when I observe the wide array of clouds. Being a travel and landscape photographer myself I try and incorporate clouds in my frames and till now have got really promising results.

This past year I could not go out much during the evenings when there were good cloud formations in the sky. So what I did instead was go to my terrace and watch the clouds move all over the sky and photograph them. I had a folder named “The sky above me” where I put all the photographs which I fondly took from my terrace.

I know none of these shots are top-notch, but I still wanted to share it with everybody since these photographs inspire me to go out and create better shots with good composition.

I hope you guys like the series of photographs from my terrace.Untitled_Panorama-2-for-website

IMG_2919 IMG_2864 IMG_0253 IMG_2960 IMG_2954 Untitled_Panorama17

Do let me know if you like these photographs of the clouds. Share this article if you liked it. This year during the rainy season I’ll try and go out of my house and shoot some photographs of clouds with better foreground subjects. Keeping my fingers crossed on that.

Till next time, take care.

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