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The all purpose kit lens

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kolkata clouds

Now that you have bought your camera, you’ve probably gone out on a few photowalks around your city,or taken a vacation. You have got some pretty good pictures. It will not be long, that when you go out with a few fellow photographers, and see them using big expensive lenses, the idea creeps in your head. May be the kit lens is not good enough and you need to upgrade.

But hang on, before you decide that it is not good enough and you go and spend some 300-400 odd $’s on an expensive lens, this is my take on how your kit lens is one of the best all purpose lens.

1. It comes with your camera, so no extra spending

This is the first and foremost reason, why the kit lens is your best bet in trying to learn the process of photography. After you have bought an expensive DSLR, it is already such a steep learning curve to learn all the techniques about the camera and its functionalities. So why burden yourself with buying another expensive and big lens? It is instead worthwhile to experiment with the kit lens and learn the technicalities well. This helps to learn the process of making a photograph and also you would find it easier to fiddle around a cheap kit lens, that to fiddle around with a expensive, high end lens.
layers of mountains

2. From wide to small telephoto

With time i have found that the kit lens is infact more versatile than the other lenses i have been using. It is really exciting to think, that having 3 different kinds of lenses for 3 different kinds of photography, would be a boon. Trust me it is anything but that. Most of us, like myself will have a single camera body, and having to change lenses often, is a pain in the a**. Imagine you are in a beach and now you want to go from wide to a telephoto zoom lens. Changing lenses over at the beach can be a tedious job, also dust and sand can go inside your sensor, and cause further damage. It is only then would you realize how handy the kit lens is. The the wide angle of 18mm we can easily zoom in to 55mm. Though it seems a very small focal range it is life savior on more than one occasions.god rays

3. Perfect for landscape photography

These kit lenses are just perfect for taking in that huge vista that you see in front of you. All you need to do, is to find a good perspective and take the photograph. The wide angle of the lens, gives quite a wide field of view, which is what we want to see in the landscape photographs. The image below, i took from a lower angle to isolate the foreground distractions, also in doing that i could include a lot more of the ominous clouds looming over the grasfields.kolkata clouds

4. Good all around lens for street photography

Even though i myself, am not a street photographer, i sometimes on my travels do give it a try. For me street photography should not be intrusive with a huge telephoto lens and you zoom all the way in standing far from the subject. Street photography is when you are actually into the scene, and connect with your subject. No better way to give a try and street photography, than with your kit lens. Get intimate with your subjects and make a photograph of them. Show them the photograph you clicked, and share the love. Family working

5. It lets you get creative

When you know that the only focal range you have is from 18-55mm, you try and make the most out of the available light and oppurtunity to make the photograph. In the picture below, i saw this creek of light appear. I waited there patiently for any action to take place, and eventually it did happen. A man came by looking at his Rs.500 note to check for its genuineness against the light, and at that time, i snapped the picture. Sometimes forcing yourselves to certain constraints helps in secreting the creative juices even more. 😀 into the light

6. It is not at all heavy

Because the normal kit lens is very light, it can be easily carried around with the camera, to any place that you are visiting. That in turn means more photo opportunities. This image below was taken in a fair, which was crowded like a fair should be. If it was not for a small and compact kit lens along with the camera, i wouldnt have even carried my camera, as it would have been too cumbersome. But thanks to the ever versatile kit lens, i could make this photograph of a tea stall owner. 🙂
intense look

So there you go folks, before you chuck that versatile kit lens away, give it a second shot. It is infact worth more than you ever noticed.

What are your special tips in using the kit lens. Would love to hear them from you. Also share a link the the best photograph that you created using your kit lens. The best image would be featured in the Woven In Light facebook community with you credits.
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See you on the other side of the weekend. Take care people 🙂 😀

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