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Photographing sunsets and sunrises and my love story

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Hi there people, it’s been a long time that I have written anything on my blog. Past few months have been tough with work taking the better of the passion for photography. Thankfully there was some much needed fun and respite during the Christmas time when I could go to Gokarna with my friends. The trip was super which had a lot of ‘firsts’ for me. More about the Gokarna trip in later articles.

Magic Hour

two words every photographer or at least the ones who are into landscape photography will swear by. That time when the sky turns all magical during sunsets and sunrises is what is commonly known as the magic hour. It is said that photographing sunsets and sunrises are one of the most clichéd subjects, but it is cliched for a reason isn’t it?

In the process of photographing sunsets and sunrises be it as cliched as it is, I just cannot have enough of them. This photograph taken on my last trip to Gokarna (with a long lens resulting in the compression of elements in the frame) has become my most popular photograph on Flickr. Even if I had the faintest thought of not photographing the ‘most clichéd’ sunsets, this photograph certainly banishes all such thoughts. Although I do try and find better compositions to photograph sunsets/sunrises these days but the love for those crimson red hues in the sky never ceases for a bit.

Winters in Kolkata has always been a dull season for me to photograph sunsets and sunrises. The sky becomes primarily bland, devoid of any clouds which hardly makes for a pleasing photograph, but today when I woke up, I saw clouds puffed all over the sky, making my eyes glow with glee thinking of the changing seasons expecting better sunsets or sunrises.

A few photographs of sunsets and sunrises

IMG_9206-for-website-optIMG_0439-for-website-2-optIMG_0657-for-website-optThe photograph above is one of the most vibrant sunsets I have ever experienced, was at Gopalpur Sea beach of Odisha where I deliberately waited for a couple to pass by so that I may shoot ‘a beach with a couple’.IMG_1106-for-website-opt


When photographing sunsets and sunrises I am normally underexposing by 1/3rd of a stop to get those rich sunset hues. Underexposing just a tad bit will normally enhance the contrast and also increase the saturation of the different tonal values present in the frame.

Photographing in the golden hours as it is also known as has made me learn how to shoot directly into the sun. If the sun is not low enough i.e. near the horizon, I will normally try and block the sun with some object in the frame thus resulting in a cool sunburst effect without compromising on the lovely sunset/sunrise hues.

Here is a photograph which I made after blocking the sun by the net of the fisherman thereby letting in just the right amount of light into the camera which helps in exposing the scene perfectly. If I would not have blocked the sun, the image would have come out underexposed, spoiling the mood of the scene.
IMG_0929-for-website-optHere is another example of the starburst effect in action. When the sun is just about to rise up above the mountains, the shot is fired at an aperture of f/16. The small aperture helps in creating that burst effect which is further enhanced when the light is being obstructed by the mountain peak just a little.

IMG_3226-for-website-optBeing a landscape photographer based out of Kolkata and having a passion for touring on my motorcycle, I end up seeing quite a number of stunning sunsets or sunrises on the road which I never miss to photograph.

I love photographing sunsets and sunrises so much that I can sit at one for a span of just 1 hour and do nothing, just watch Nature do its thing. That is how much I love the watching the golden hour.
Here’s me signing off and hoping that those lovely sunsets come ASAP and I may start what I love doing so much, experiencing them. Till next time, have a great weekend people.IMG_0955-for-website-opt

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