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Photographing North Kolkata – Kolkata’s favourite photographic lanes and by-lanes

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If you are a photographer from Kolkata or visiting the city, the most common place that emerges up in all times would most necessarily be the streets of North Kolkata. You ask someone from Kolkata where to go for an early morning photo-walk, the idea of photographing North Kolkata will surely come up. From Shyambazar to Girish Park, from Kumartuli to Ahiritola these places have become ‘go to’ places for street photography.
Photographing North KolkataMyself being a travel photographer based out of Kolkata have always loved the idea of going out on the streets of North Kolkata to photograph something interesting. Yet to tell the truth after numerous attempts I have never been able to capture the photographic beauty of these places.

Few weeks back when my friend from Kitewithoutstring was in town we decided to head out to give photographing North Kolkata another shot. This time though I wanted to get some detailed shots. Having failed miserably on all my previous attempts I thought to myself, “lets give detail shots a try”.Photographing North KolkataThere were quite a number colorful doors and some of them had more than one lock. It was quite a treat to see numerous locks on a single door. Photographing North KolkataSince it was early morning when we were on the walk we could manage to find some people reading their morning news. The shots turned out to be pretty interesting.Photographing North KolkataPhotographing North KolkataIn fact The Beacon Kolkata  wanted to use one of these shots for an article they had done. Here’s a link to that article. I did want to get some photographs of some early morning activities but sadly could not get any.  The only one I could get was me holding my cup of tea after a good old photo-walk. IMG_0886-for-social-media_optAnd how can a photo-walk be complete without a shot of the iconic hand-pulled rickshaw of Kolkata. The backlit scene with the sun added some rather interesting elements to the shot. Photographing North Kolkata

This time round the photo-walk on the streets of North Kolkata was quite productive photographically. The photography bug in me loved the experience of walking around the bylanes of North Kolkata. It won’t be long before I am back here again, trying to capture some more interesting shots.Photographing North Kolkata

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