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Not just a means of transportation, it’s a love affair called motorcycling

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Hello there friends, hope you all are doing well. This past week 19th of August was celebrated as the 177th World Photography day. Well 19th being a Friday was a usual working day for me, so even if my heart wanted to go out and shoot a lovely sunset on the banks of river Ganges, I was stuck in office developing on this new web application.

So when I sat to write this week’s blog post, I thought why not dedicate the article to the companion without whom I would not even be into photography. I am talking about the trusted steeds, my companion on all road trips, my beloved motorcycles.IMG_0427-for-website

It was just after enrolling myself for graduation that I had got my hands on my first motorcycle, a sexy red Honda CBF Stunner. It was a thing of beauty coupled with exquisite refinement and beautiful Japanese engineering. It gave me the first taste of what motorcycle touring was all about. It was during my maiden trip to Mandarmani that I realized whatever little photographs I did take were pretty bad to say the least. I owned a Canon IXUS at that time and edited the photographs using Picasa. On the editing desk I slowly tried analyzing why the pictures looked horrible and after googling a bit I got to know about the different guidelines of composition etc. Those were the early days where bringing sunset like effect with a graduated filter seemed oh so cool 😉 .Photography came as a way of documenting the motorcycle road trips that I embarked on. XKMPH is the online community I am associated with. It was through this passion for motorcycling that I made some wonderful friends. Check out kitewithoutstring and the amazing work that Rahul has been doing. IMG_9725-Edit

IMG_9350-for-websiteFast forward few years the passion for photography has upheld itself as much as the eagerness to explore enchanted territories on the two wheels. These days I ride a Royal Enfield Thunderbird 350 which is slowly but surely becoming a very soulful companion. Be it dense fog on those twisting mountain roads to posing beside a serene lake, the motorcycle has been a constant friend.

Timeline-Cover-for-facebookUntitled-1-for-social-mediaAs they say four wheels move the body but two wheels move the soul. Through this soulful journey with my motorcycles there are a few things I learnt which if not told/shared would not bring proper justice to those stallions.

  1. The cubic capacity (CC) of the bike is really not the primary concern. If being free as a bird is what you want, then without further discussion, get out. The open road is inviting the explorer in you.
  2. Pack proper luggage and carry the necessary spare parts e.g. spark plugs, accelerator cable, clutch cable, extra bulb for headlight, extra tube. Believe me it is not a pleasant feeling standing in the middle of nowhere without proper equipments/spares.
  3. GPS is good but asking the local people is the best way to go if on a motorcycle, because if not for these small interactions with the locals then how are we supposed to be a traveler and not a tourist.
  4. Fill up the tank as much as possible whenever a petrol pump is available, the next one might just be a long way ahead.
  5. While on the road, take in what nature has to offer. Take as many breaks as needed, stop for taking photographs, look at those wonderful mountain peaks or those waves crashing on the shore.

Road through Satkosia Wildlife SanctuaryIMG_20150527_071506657-01-for-cover-photographIMG_9626-Recovered-for-websiteIMG_9120-for-website-with-taglineIMG_3393-for-facebookWe find ourselves only when we get lost.

If it was not for my motorcycles I would not have gone to these many places, let alone photograph them. So I dedicate this year’s World Photography Day to my motorcycles who has seen it all with me, braved the extremes of climate and help me produce the imagery that I was able to make. Hope I can continue exploring on two wheels for as long as I can dream of.DSC_0219 for video For the love of motorcycling and travelling the world. Have a great weekend.IMG_9369-for-website

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