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North Kolkata Hyperwalk

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North Kolkata bylanes

The morning rays kissing the roof of the house. The dogs have still not woken up from their night’s sleep. A group of elderly people sitting together in the roadside “Cha” shop and sipping on the hot “bhaand” of tea. They are catching up on all the news that has happened around the globe over a “bhaand of cha”. Porters carrying water on their shoulders, individuals waking up and going to start their day. The city is starting to come to life.

This is the characteristic scene one experiences when someone visits the by-lanes of Kolkata on a lazy Sunday morning. Around 2 weeks back when Rahul (a very good friend of mine) came down to Kolkata we decided to walk the streets of Kolkata and take in the essence of North Kolkata.

The beauty about these streets is that you may find interesting subjects all around them. There is no particular place where you have to start from. We started from somewhere close to Manicktala. Rahul had expressed his eagerness to do a small hyper-lapse project and doing that on these streets would be quite the thingJ. I never knew what a hyper-lapse is so took pointers from Rahul and started shooting. The final hyper-lapse is given at the end of this post.

This was the first hyperlapse for me and I enjoyed shooting it a lot. Here are a few photographs I shot during our small walk.

North Kolkata bylanes North Kolkata bylanes 2 North Kolkata bylanes 3

Here is the short hyperlapse we did. A timelapse is also included in this video. A big thank you to Rahul for processing this hyperlapse video.

Do let us know how you like the hyperlapse. Any kind of feedback would be very helpful for our future projects.

Till next time, happy taking photographs.

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