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Musings on a Rain Soaked Evening – Cloudscapes of Kolkata

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Home Bound

Hi there folks hope all of you are doing good. Today I want to share with you some photographs I shot the other evening near Rajarhat action area. It was around 4.30 in the afternoon, the clouds were beckoned by Zeus(In Greek Mythology he was the god of the sky) and in good number. I became pretty excited as it presented me with an opportunity to go shoot some cloudscapes.

I have always been an avid lover of photographing clouds. So when an opportunity like this came my way it was certainly not to be missed. Packed my camera gear, rain covers, umbrella and off I went to the outskirts of Kolkata i.e. Rajarhat Action Area.

Here are a few photographs I made that day.

Home Bound

New Age Kolkata

The long way home

I hope you like the photographs. It was a very soul satisfying evening for me. I took photos at my own pace, I worked the scene and got the photographs I had envisioned. The feeling is really nice and I returned home happily.

My thirst for a good cloudscape was somewhat satisfied. More to come in the later posts. This is just the starting of a series on Cloudscapes of Kolkata which I wish to photograph 🙂

Take care people. Have a good one.


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