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LeTv (LeEco) Le1s smartphone Camera Review

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When you talk about mobile phone/ smartphone photography these days you can easily dream of creating photographs which are so stunning that you sometimes start thinking, is it really necessary to carry a SLR?

In this ever evolving world of smartphones and the multitude of apps which comes to aid photography, a company has slowly yet steadily grabbing the eyeballs for all the right reasons.

Presenting LeEco’s flagship budget smartphone the Le1S.

This article will delve into reviewing the camera of this mobile device which in my opinion after using it for a good 20 plus days is really impressive.2016-02-19-08.16-for-website

First let us see the specifications of the camera. It comes with a primary camera of 13MP with autofocus and flash. The secondary camera is a 5MP shooter and does not come with a flash. The resolution of the photographs are 4208×3120 pixels.

Enough of the technical geeky stuff. Let’s talk about actual photography. The LeTv Le1s gives you the opportunity to be shutter happy at any time you want. The camera interface is snappy and has four different kinds of modes.

  1. Photo
  2. Panorama
  3. Video
  4. Slow Motion

Let us look at few photographs to see the quality of them.2016-03-03-11.30-for-website2016-02-27-06.59-for-website

As we can clearly see the quality of the photographs is stunning. The interface is easy enough to make small adjustments to the settings very easily.

Underexposing a scene is just 1 click away so is changing the resolution of the photograph. The size of each photo is big enough to be printed for small prints and greeting cards. The camera is good enough in low light conditions and will let you get decent shots even in low light situations.

Taking about the video features, I could not get the time to test the video capabilities to its full extent, but does support 4K video which is really nice for a phone in this price range. Here is a full HD video that was shot in a moderately lit café and the result is very good. One can also change focus while shooting video, so push and pull focus is something which if applied properly can produce professional quality results.

As and when I start shooting panoramas and video I will add them in this article or post them in the comments section below.

So if I have to sum up the whole article in 2 lines I would say that the camera functionality of the LeTv(LeEco) Le1s is really good and one can make awesome photographs from this smartphones camera. The camera coupled with the super specifications that the phone is laden with makes it a steal for the price.

If you are fond of smartphone/mobile photography why not share them? Leave them in the comments section or tag your photographs with #woveninlight. I would love to see the wonderful photographs you people create.



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