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How I shot this photograph

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Kanchenjunga peak and range

Happy New Year guys 🙂 😀 . Hope you all are doing great.

A new Idea

I have been thinking of launching this section for quite sometime now, but somehow was getting delayed for some reason or the other. At-last I have decided that 2015 has to be the year where I will implement all the things I have been planning for quite a long time now. This is the first of many things to come. Super excited about this.

So here goes – the idea is that on the 3rd week of each month I will post a photograph and all the related information about it. How I shot this photograph, what was the reason for photographing the subject, how I had envisioned the final shot. Apart from this the information of what camera I used and the setting with which I had taken the photograph would also be attached. I may also pitch in some of the post processing techniques involved to get the final shot, the before and after maybe. If anybody wants to know a detailed version of how I got the final photograph after doing post processing can ask so in the comments section, and I would try and write a separate article for that.

Here’s the shot I want to share this week.

Kanchenjunga peak and range

Kanchenjunga peak and range
The Sleeping Buddha
Camera – Canon 1100D

Lens – Tamran 70-300mm

ISO – 200

Focal Length – 70mm

Aperture – f/5.6

Shutter Speed – 1/2500th sec

Tripod Used – Yes.

Now that I have mentioned all the technical stuff, lets come to the good part, the pleasure and aesthetics of taking the photograph. This shot was taken from the sunrise point on Mall Road, Darjeeling. It was the end of the year sometime in late December which gave lovely clear skies. I woke up early that morning because I wanted to capture the first rays of light hitting the peak of Mt. Kanchenjunga. I used a tripod because the available light was quite low, also as I wanted to shoot with a telephoto lens, having a tripod helped a lot. With the help of the telephoto lens I could compress all the layers of the mountain range on top of each other.

On the post processing side of it, I used camera raw ( you can see my camera raw/ lightroom workflow here http://woveninlight.com/woven_light/blog/workflow-camera-rawlightroom-photoshop/) and then did the black and white conversion in Photoshop. Here I would like to mention that I did some heavy amount of dodge and burn as I wanted to enhance the richness of the snow and the sunbeam on the peak.

If you wish to see a higher resolution version of this picture you can do so over here.

That’s it for today. Would love to hear from you. Write your thoughts in the comments section about what you would like to see in the coming days/months.

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Till next time 🙂 Have a good day :)

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