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Himalayan Java Cafe – Darjeeling

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Darjeeling in all its gastronomic glory stands for steaming momos, warm bowls of Thukpa and piping hot cups of coffee.
Exhausted and famished after long stretches of exploratory walks, we decided all we needed was coffee. Pushing through excited crowds on Mall Road we walked into Himalayan Java Café. Exquisitely decorated with pretty lights and wall paintings the café gives out a new-age vibe.


We ordered for a cup of coffee which was soul pleasing to say the least. Others also ordered for a blueberry smoothie, some tea and an apple pie. I tasted all, and I must say the blueberry smoothie was remarkable. We enjoyed some quality time over coffee and left quite rejuvenated.

IMG_1986-for-website IMG_1974-for-website

A must visit for anyone in the mood for coffee, even if you’re a lone diner or a part of a big group.

The owners were really warm and cordial. They came over, gave a personalized tour of the café explaining the theme of the café which shows how coffee is made in the fields to the finished product. Persis Gurung showed how they make customized coffee mugs with the famous Darjeeling Toy Train engraved on it. One can buy these cups as souvenirs which I think is pretty cool.

Persis Gurung


Mr. Dorjee being the warm host he was showed us how the chandelier was hung just to break the monotony of using similar lamp shades which were used throughout the café. He also informed that how the Himalayan Java Café organizes small karaoke sessions. We would have witnessed one if we could have made to the café a day before.

Mr. Dorjee

The Darjeeling Toy Train and Clock Tower souvenir mugs

The chandelier was in itself a thing of beauty.


All in all we came out of the café with our stomach full and our souls quenched. Next time you visit Darjeeling make sure you have a visit to The Himalayan Java Café in your checklist.

With its plush interiors, delicious food, and such warm hosts one can never go wrong with a visit to the Himalayan Java Café.


*all food photographs taken by Shamoita Bose. You can see her photographs at http://instagram.com/shamoita


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