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Food is what sustains us, by providing us with energy.

Essentially and primarily food had that one solitary function – to provide man with energy as and when required. People ate when they felt worn-out and exhausted after hunting, collecting and well, surviving. However that was ages back. Food has evolved along with man and other things. Food, as many will agree, is an outcome of art. Some eat to live, many live to eat.

Food photography is rather popular in the present time, where images of scrumptious fares are extensively created and appreciated. Instagram, Facebook and many such social media forums are flooded with photos of food that people eat. It is almost a ritual to click a picture before devouring what’s presented on our table.


Why do we click pictures of what we consume? Why do we share? What are the outcomes?

First of all, we snap pictures of food, because it is a pleasure to look at what we are about to eat. It is akin to capturing the taste in a picture. The same logic works when we eat food that looks good, and avoid what looks distasteful. Clicking a picture ensures that we savour what we eat and we call to mind and reminesce what we ate.

Secondly, sharing everything on social networks has become an important part of life today. As interpersonal relationships have reduced in physical reality, sharing in real life has reduced drastically. Consequently virtual sharing of images of food gives us the same satisfaction which was received by sharing a table with several loved ones. The need for social conformity is also taken care of when people hit the “like” button on a social forum.





Finally, creating tasteful images of the food we eat can prove to be beneficial. Seeing a picture of something which looks delicious releases certain chemicals in our brain as eating the same would, even if in lesser quantities. It works to increase appetite, provide pleasure and activate taste buds. Sometimes it awakens gustatory memory and gives us the satisfaction of delayed gratification. We tend to crave for good food, we tend to pay attention to and enjoy our meals more. And most importantly it speeds digestion too.So the next time your friends begin snapping away to glory when your dinner is served be patient and feel free to join in. It is worth the wait!

Note: I would like to thank Mr.Debdutto Banerjee for giving me the opportunity to write on his blog. I admire his posts and photographs and wish him all the very best.

Shamoita is a psychology student and is presently pursuing her higher studies and has her own unique take on life and photography. You can check more of shamoita’s work at her instagram account at http://instagram.com/shamoita


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