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A wise man once said that “having a camera is like having access to the internet”–

It’s not about how large your bandwith is or how fast your internet connection is, it’s about how you use the access to the web to find the information that you need. Similarly, owning a camera model is like having access to freeze time and present it as you want it to. Knowing which frame you want to freeze and the angle you want to freeze it from is important, not the megapixel of the camera or how efficient the lens is.

In this picture I wanted to capture the average working day of a car washer. Infact I had to ask the guy in the picture to splash the water for capturing picture

Much like before I begin writing this article I have it clearly plotted out in my mind how I want the flow of points to be and exactly how the narrative journey for you, the reader is going to be like, a photographer, way before actually ‘clicking’ a picture per se has it well thought out in his mind how she/he exactly wants the end product to look like— from the frame, to the white balance, the iso and which lens is to be used.

Through this picture I wanted to bring in the element of spook for a myth buster story that I was doing then.

Now, similarly whether I use Arial, Bradley or Rockwell fonts to type this article, it doesn’t change the core essence of the write-up. Of course it may add a lot to the look and feel of it, but then again that’s where its aid ends. The camera model (DSLR, SLR, Digital Camera or a simple mobile phone camera) is like the font. What is more important is being bullet proof about the idea you want to capture.

To take the comparison further: Just the way in order to make this article impeccable, I need to be rock-solid about my basic understanding of the English grammar, a photographer has to be crystal clear about the principles of photography i.e the shutter speed to set, how much of exposure to let in, the direction of the flash etc.

This picture was taken in the Shahi Imambarah of Nawab Wajid Ali Shah.

Coming to technicalities (I’m the worst with them), while most digital cameras, both entry level and professional level have a bunch of ‘pre-capture’ features to be played around with; almost all latest smart phones have an array of ‘post-click’ options to make an average picture into the perfect shot with multiple editing options.

P.S: The ‘wise man’ quoted at the beginning of the article saying that “having a camera is like having access to the internet” was not anyone else but me ‘:p’

But, history is witness to the statement that ‘A picture says a thousand words’ , and the real wise men who made this statement never said that only a picture from an expensive DSLR can say a thousand words!

It’s all about perspective, there are infinite angles to freeze a frame from, imagination for the frame is what is required

This photograph was my attempt at concealed street photography

This photograph was taken while trying to capture the lives of the Bhaand maker’s of Kolkata. Bhaand’s are earthen clay pots extensively used in Kolkata.

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  1. Md. Sohail

    December 1, 2015 at 11:08 pm

    Even though i am the author of the article, why are you being shown as the author? please do the needful ASAP



      December 1, 2015 at 11:24 pm

      Very sorry Sir but I am not getting your point. As far as I can see the author is you. So what’s the point of your comment?


  2. Mohammed Sohail

    December 2, 2015 at 1:48 pm

    Okay sir, i guess you rectified it later and you’re trying to play it cool now


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