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Dropr Review – An amazing portfolio service

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Just this past week I saw an interesting article on how one should always have a portfolio to showcase their work. I am always a big fan of portfolios for a number of reasons. More on why you should have a portfolio would be covered in a different blog post. For now I would like to show you an easy and free service which helps you create your portfolio in no time and displays the images in a superlative manner.

This is a review of Dropr, an online portfolio service.

I was invited to join Dropr by Julie Abader, the community manager over at Dropr. She mentioned in her mail that

“Dropr is a new place where all kinds of creative people can gain exposure and easily show off their work. I think it’s the easiest beautiful portfolio you can get – but it offers a lot more too. We were crowdfunded by our community and launched just a couple of months ago”.

I already had a website and a portfolio, so why need another service? Quite simply, because Dropr does what it says, “For all creative professionals” and its moto is to show off your work in the best possible manner”.

Disclaimer:- Though Dropr is primarily a platform where all creative professionals can showcase their work, this review is based on how a photographer might want to use it. Since I am a photographer, it’s completely my take on Dropr. I have not been payed or endorsed by Dropr in any way whatsoever.

Here are the positives about this impressive new portfolio platform:-

  1. The color scheme was nice and muted (grey).
  2. It has a really impressive graph showing how many views you had in the past and from which country people are visiting your portfolio. (This feature is available in the free version whereas many other services give this option as a paid opt in.) Kudos to Dropr for this.
  3. You can divide your portfolio in different sections called projects which is displayed in beautiful thumbnails.

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  1. Changing the thumbnail image is very easy. Just click a button in the top right corner of the image that has been uploaded and it becomes the thumbnail image.

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  1. Moving an image from its current position to any position is just drag and drop. Cool feature when it comes to make a strong first impression while someone is seeing your portfolio.
  2. You have the customary About, Contact pages. Apart from that you also have a link where you can give a hyperlink for your own website/blog if you have any.
  3. One feature which needs special mention is how Dropr displays your images in the mobile version. I especially like this feature because nowadays more and more people are visiting our websites/blogs from mobile devices. Thus any service which shows your work in the best possible manner in the mobile version is really going to go a long way.
  4. Sharing your Dropr portfolio is as easy as it gets. There are many places from where you may share your images to any of the social media channels or if you want you can get the html code and embed it as and where you like it.
  5. It’s about you and you and you. No nonsense of commenting or seeing other people’s work. People would come to your portfolio page and only look at your work. There is no distraction on your page which might divert the viewers’ attention. This is one particular feature I like about Dropr as compared to 500px and Flickr. (500px and Flickr are photo sharing applications and has its separate place, but not as your portfolio).

Now that I have enlisted the reasons why I/you should be using Dropr as your portfolio service, there are few issues I would like to mention.

  1. The speed of opening an image sometimes becomes a little slow, which might be annoying for some people.
  2. Where exactly a photograph is taken? If in any way that could have been included, that would be nice. On second thoughts it your portfolio, its only about your images, so knowing where you took that is not that important. So technically I have only one con to talk about J

To the development team of Dropr – you people have done a fabulous job.

I would recommend anybody to try out Dropr and I can for sure say that you would not be disappointed. The mobile view, the full screen splash up be it on your Desktop or Mobiles, the awesome user interface makes it your perfect portfolio solution.

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Here is the link if you want to join Dropr http://dropr.com/i/UiQs




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