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Capturing the essence of Sehri – a photoshoot with the guys of Beacon Magazine, Kolkata

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Kebab of Kolkata

Few weeks back while I was laying on my bed, I started thinking; even though I am a self proclaimed photographer based out of Kolkata, I hardly have any work to show when it comes to Kolkata.

Immediately opened my website and went through my portfolio ( the travel portfolio http://woveninlight.com/woven_light/travel/). Indeed I did not have much to show anything I had done in and around the city. For quite a number of days I was a little busy but at the back of my mind this idea of doing something related to my city of joy, Kolkata was brewing. I wanted to do some project or photoshoot related to Kolkata.

May be it was pure luck or some divine conjuring but in a few days time a gentleman called Md. Sohail approached me, introducing himself as the Chief Editor of the The Beacon Magazine . He wanted me to shoot a photostory for them regarding the Sehri meal that takes place during the month of Ramzaan.(More about Sohail and the Beacon Magazine and its team in later blog posts).

I got pretty excited if you ask me. Being primarily and landscape travel photographer, at first it felt a bit of a daunting task, but slowly slowly I got the hang of it and really enjoyed myself. We also got to taste a some really lip smacking food apart from taking photographs. Most of these photographs were taken in and around different parts of the city, mainly concentrated around Nakhoda Masjid and Zakaria Street.

I wont blabber too much about how I shot the photographs and the techniques involved, rather I would like to share the photographs I was able to make during these two nights that we went out.

Do let me know how you find the photographs as, also I would love to know what would be your midnight snack if you had to choose between these 😉 Taskeen Changezi KebabIMG_6730IMG_6709IMG_6674IMG_6668IMG_3652Kebab of KolkataIMG_3644

If you want to see the good work of the Beacon Magazine, do check them out here and give them a thumbs up. They are doing some amazing work 🙂 Good luck guys :)


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