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Build your photography website for Free – Siftr Review

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What if someone comes and tells you that on your table you would be getting the best of McDonalds, KFC, Subway, Pizzas all handcrafted especially to cater your tummy. You would be surprised right?

That is exactly what Siftr does, when it automatically builds your online portfolio taking cues from the different social media that you have been using. Cool little thing isn’t it? Let’s look at it in a little more detail.

When someone types in http://siftr.co/ the home page opens and with a great image on the background this is shown – “No uploads required, Siftr finds your best shots and creates a beautiful portfolio website, all for FREE”.

No uploads and still it can build a portfolio for you, that too it’s free. That is quite the thing, but what it actually does is when you create a siftr.co account it will take your social media channel account names. It then works with its sophisticated artificial algorithms to find out the best of the photographs that you had uploaded, be it yesterday or be it 4 years before.

The developers of Siftr have done a brilliant job at finding your best work, and once they find a set of photographs an auto generated email is sent, saying “look what Siftr found”. Now you can log into their siftr account and see what are the photographs you want to show in the portfolio.

The backend looks like this backend

It is pretty intuitive, it shows from which social channel the photograph was generated. One can click on a photograph to elevate it to the chosen gallery or vice-versa. Creating a new gallery is also as simple just a click on the button and choosing the photographs. That is pretty much all you have to do. Isn’t it cool?

So now your portfolio images are set and chosen. Here comes the part where you have to decide how does it show on different devices.Even this has been easier by the smart developers at Siftr.different-layouts


There are a few templates from which you can choose and it works seamlessly on mobile devices as well as desktops/laptops.

You can also add the usual about page, contact page which too has their unique touch showing which area of photography are you most into.contact-form about-page

Now that you have your pages set up, it’s time to publish your portfolio and see the magic Siftr has done.Overall-look-and-feel

The overall look and feel is very futuristic and modern.

There are host of new features that Siftr has introduced very recently which included analytics. Analytics are a paid feature in many a service but Siftr is offering that for free and kudos to them for this.

One surprise feature that all Siftr users received was the Instagram report, 2015. It showed the best image that worked, along with the genres of photography that worked best for you. Not only that, it showed the tags which helped gain the most exposure. What more can someone want? Instagram is the new hit for photographers and when the people at Siftr are doing this report on Instagram account for free, then it is nothing short of awesome. Here is the link to see your Instagram stats http://siftr.co/reflections/2015

I have been using Siftr for some time now and I can vouch that this is one of the best platforms that has hit the photography world. You should definitely create your own Siftr profile and check the awesomeness yourself.

Here is my Siftr account address http://woveninlight.siftr.co/. Do check it out whenever possible.

Till next time Happy Photographing.


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