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An array of Panoramas

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Over the past few years shooting panoramas is one thing I have started to love. Be it the horizontal panoramas or the vertical panoramas (vertronamas as they call it) shooting them takes a little practice and patience to get that long sweeping view of the vista.The other side of Darjeeling

I remember I used to take panoramas which looked so thin that anything could be barely seen, one had to zoom in the picture to actually see what’s inside the photograph. With the help of a few great photographers who has always guided me I learnt to shoot those sweeping panoramas.

Here are a set of few photographs which I have made over the years, some are horizontal panoramas while the rest are vertical ones.

Clouds in Kolkata Untitled_Panorama1-for-website

IMG_6820-Edit-Edit-1 IMG_9417-Edit-Edit-1Untitled_Panorama1-for-website-version-2Untitled_Panorama2-for-website Untitled_Panorama-2-for-website (2) DSC_0225-for-website

I hope you guys enjoyed these panoramic photographs. My next article would be on “how to create panoramas and vertronamas”. Untill next time, happy shooting :)

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