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A photostory on the construction workers of Parama Park-Circus Flyover

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The Park Circus to Parama Flyover is the latest flyover to be added to the city. As many of you already know I have started working with this web magazine called thebeaconkolkata.co.in since mid August.

We did quite a number of stories related to the construction of “Kolkata’s longest flyover”. Today I would like to share some of my experiences during this photo assignment. In fact this was a big and long term project for me too, spanning more than a month, till date being the biggest one for me.

Ever since the day I saw the photograph of “The Fireman” by Steve McCurry, I had always wished to do a story related to construction workers.

While doing this story I learnt quite a number of things, from doing my first timelapse, to shooting video. Here are a few photographs of the construction workers in their different moods.

IMG_5909-for-website IMG_5914-for-website IMG_5917-for-website IMG_5933-for-website IMG_7766-for-website

An interesting fact about these construction workers was best described by the The Editor-in-Chief of the Beacon as “all of them come from different parts of the country, some from Punjab, some from Uttar Pradesh, some Bihar and some Jharkhand but when they wear their yellow cap, they are all the same”.

I was lucky enough to get some unique shots of Park Circus 7 point crossing during the different shoots for this story.

IMG_5100-for-website IMG_7858-for-website Untitled_Panorama1-for-website-version-2This panorama taken from atop a building on looking park circus 7 point crossing.

Here are some behind the scene photographs and videos of the different activities during the construction of the bridge.

IMG_7787-for-website IMG_4815-for-website

I along with my co photographer have captured the construction of this bridge extensively and we are planning on something big in association with the Beacon Magazine.

For any information regarding the traffic timings of the bridge please head on to this link. http://bit.ly/1NgeLbr

Till next time. Take care. :)

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