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5 things I learnt in 2015

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So the year is here. Hope you had a great new year party and wishing you a great year ahead. Amidst all the excitement in 2015, it made me learn a few important lessons photographically speaking.

Here are the list of the 5 things I learnt in 2015 :-

  1. Instagram is here to stay: I am totally up for the fact that Instagram is the platform where we should be sharing our mobile photography related work. But lately I have seen a few changes made by the developers of Instagram that makes it a lot easier for people to upload their DSLR photographs on Instagram itself. Using a few clever tagging techniques one can easily reach a truly global audience which sadly facebook is restricting day by day. In fact I have taken a conscious decision to upload at least 2 photos per week to my Instagram account. Follow my Instagram account at instagram.com/sadhchyme


  1. Updating the blog regularly: I have been running woveninlight since the month of May, 2012 but I never wrote articles regularly which ultimately hampered people coming to my website. It’s the harsh reality that I am no big shot photographer to whose website everybody is going to flock around. Having a blog and updating it frequently in the year 2015 helped me generate a lot more traction thus letting others know what kind of a photographer I am and helping them to essentially reach out to me in an easier way.
  2. Portfolio Reviews: The first time I had set up my portfolio it was all done by me. I had decided the categories I decided the number of photographs in each sections and obviously the photographs were also chosen by me. It was only in this year that I realized how wrong it is to sort the portfolio all by myself. I took the help of several people in reviewing my portfolio thus helping me streamline my portfolio.IMG_7506-for-website
  3. Backup the photographs at multiple places: I learnt this lesson of why it is important to have backups in the most painfulforms. One staff photographer from Outlook traveler contacted me over a story about Satkosia Wildlife Sanctuary and since my HDD crashed I had all my photographs from that trip and several other trips lost. Had I backed up the photographs properly I would not have had to suffer the grave disappointment. Lesson learnt, now I back up everything in 3 different locations.
  1. Post Processing: This is only important when the original shot has been taken just perfectly. Previously I used to look at a shot and would try recovering it in post processing. Truth be told, that should never have been the technique, but anyway better late than never. During the rainy season I went on a few different photo assignments and while processing the images realized that the photographs which were originally taken with the right setting popped out just perfectly after the right amount of processing. Nowadays if I see that the photograph initially is not taken properly I do not waste time in trying to ‘fix’ it in post. I just move onto the next photograph.IMG_7149-for-website

So there you go people here are the things that I learnt in the past year. Let me know in the comments below what are the different things you experienced in the year 2015.

Have a great year ahead, have fun. Enjoy.

Happy New Year.



  1. VJ Sharma

    January 2, 2016 at 7:42 pm

    Very well compiled list of learnings and this applies to all. I can personally relate to each of the points mentioned.

    Regarding backup, I try to have multiple HDDs for data but not doing it in desciplined way and never tried online backups. Would like to hear if come across a low cost (in terms of time and money) backup solution.



      January 3, 2016 at 11:52 am

      Thanks for the comment VJ.
      I agree, I too have multiple HDDs but doing the back up systematically is a little troublesome.
      Online backups are good, but with the slow internet connections in our country its still a far cry. If I get to know of any solution would definitely let you know.


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