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5 reasons to be on Photo Discovery platform Siftr

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So I found a very old photograph I had uploaded on Facebook some years back. It was a photograph of a cat. At that point of time I was just starting my career in photography and did some experimenting with photographing cats. The photo was not lying on the hard disk, that I suddenly stumbled upon, it was lying on one old Facebook album I had created long ago. If it was not for Siftr I would never have found this photograph again.


If you did not already know what Siftr is, it’s an amazing new artificial intelligence based photo discovery platform which does some really cool stuff.

Here I list down 5 cool features which makes Siftr a must for every visual artist.

  1. Self-Discovery – Once you open a Siftr account and link all your social channels to it, it will automatically find all your photographs and categorize them into different collections. These collections are not final they can be modified as and when the user wants to. You can also make custom collections which makes showcasing your best work a breeze.kumartuli
  2. Searching by keyword – You do not need to index any of the photographs with all the different kind of keywords that comes to your mind. Siftr takes care of that for you. Just type in the keyword in the search bar and it will show you only the photographs which comply with the keyword. Over here I searched for the keyword sunset and it gave me a set of all photographs which matched ‘sunset’.sunset search without manual indexing
  3. Gear analytics – This is one feature which I absolutely love. When you get to see which gear/camera body and lens combination you have been using the most it is something amazing and you need to witness it for sure. It does not stop there it can also provide the most used ISO, shutter speed, aperture value and a whole host of other data. If you want data about your photography then Siftr is the place you would want to be.Gear Analytics
  4. Portfolio website ready in under 15 minutes – Siftr is that easy. You just log into your Siftr account, and connect all the social media channels. Now just leave it up to Siftr to do the rest of the work for you. Return back at a later time and you will see your portfolio is ready and is showcased beautifully, but that is not the end of it. You can go customize which photographs are to be shown just by the click of a button. I literally set up my page in under 15 minutes.Overall-look-and-feel
  5. Photo stories – All photos that you take have a story to tell. How would it be if you could have a set of photographs which essentially narrate the same story or precisely that narrate the story in a much more concise way? That is exactly what the photo story section does. You create your own customized gallery which can be shared publicly or privately. As always the layout is really sleek and minimalistic staying in tune with the overall theme. (http://woveninlight.siftr.co/shares/glJCsxaN) this is the link to the gallery I created on cloud.

Hope I could give you a good overall idea of why you should be on Siftr and trust me on this, you will fall in love with it, from the gear analytics to the photograph’s being auto discovered, the features are bound to get you addicted.

O I did share that cat photograph that Siftr found for me in one of my lectures and it did produce some laughs and engagement.IMG_2813

Full review of Siftr here – (http://woveninlight.com/woven_light/blog/build-your-photography-website-for-free-siftr-review/). Here is the link to my Siftr portfolio (http://woveninlight.siftr.co/). Do let me know how you like using Siftr.

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