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2015 year in review

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Happy New Year people. It’s a new year, a new beginning. Many wishes to be fulfilled, dreams to be achieved. This year too I have few places in mind which I would like to visit and tick them off my bucket list.

The past year gave me my share of photographic experiences, from going on two epic trips to working with my first magazine story. From learning my first timelapses to getting exposed to the world of videography.

Here is the past year’s review on a platter.

  1. A day trip to Aantpur with the travel and tourism dept. of Asutosh College, delving into the history of Bengal and admiring the intricate works of the terracotta temples.IMG_6244
  1. I had hardly gotten over the mesmerizing beauty of beautiful Bengal when XKMPH anniversary ride to Bishnupur took place. Riding with more than 12 fellow biker buddies to the terracotta capital of Bengal was really fun.IMG_6339-for-website IMG_2813-for-website
  1. By mid-May Kolkata had started experiencing it’s Norwesters and photographing the clouds started with full stride.IMG_3717-for-website IMG_2954-for-website IMG_7127-for-website
  1. Sohail who met me on the XKMPH ride to bishnupur, approached me to work with the Beacon magazine. Sehri and Kebab Gully was the first story I did with the BeaconIMG_3639-for-website
  1. Shooting various aspects of Kolkata from interesting positions was on queue which was one thing I loved doing.IMG_0968-website
  1. During the end of May visited Uttarakhand on a biking trip. It was an amazing roadtrip with like-minded people. One of the best roadtrips ever.IMG_3393-for-facebook-for-website IMG_3371-for-facebook-as-comment-for-website

Here is the video of the trip. Do take a look.

  1. My first print magazine assignment was for Kolkata on Wheels. IMG_4145-for-website
  2. Introduction to the world of timelapse and hyperlapse photography by Rahul and it has hooked me completely. It’s a whole new ball game and I am loving it.
  3. The year would not have been complete without a trip to my favourite hill station, the queen of hills Darjeeling. This time Darjeeling became a culinary tour for me as we (Shamoita, Ishan and Tanusree) went on a gulping spree taking in all the culinary delicacies Darjeeling had to offer us.IMG_7506-for-website IMG_1986-for-website IMG_1900-for-website IMG_1974-for-website
  4. The year came to a fitting end with doing stories on the winter market of Kolkata and enjoying Christmas on Park Street as we hosted ‘Children of Joy’, the annual Christmas event of Beacon Kolkata.IMG_7855-for-website IMG_7898-for-website

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